Saturday, September 26, 2009

CCK09 Week 1 Reflections

The concept of connectivism is intriguing to me. After reading a vast amount of info including others viewpoints including criticisms, the idea of connectivism as a new learning theory makes sense to me. I think connectivisim is a natural extension of other learning theories, because it addresses the emergence of new technology and the new opportunities for growth in knowledge with the increased connectedness the internet affords.

What continues to resonate with me as I learn more about the impacts of technology on learning and learning theory, is the importance of learning how to effectively create new networks or connections, and navigate through a vast network of resources via the web. I am often overwhelmed and frustrated by the sheer volume of information, and have come to the realization that I will never keep up to everything – I just need to get over it! For me personally, I think the key is to learn how to most effectively manage the information via new network opportunities.

I continue to exhibit lurking tendencies.... I’ll try harder next week.

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